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I have been seeing her for many years. She is an extraordinary doctor. She will spend as much time as is needed with each patient, especially new patients. This can sometimes cause long wait times later in the afternoon, but I am quite happy to wait as long as is necessary because I know that I will get the same attention. This is quite rare in this age of large doctor groups where they only get a few minutes per patient.


Dr Rahbar and her staff are the very best. She took me from not being able to stand or walk for months to a very normal pain free life again. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you have chronic back issues, go see her.


She is a great pain management doctor. I had 6 back and neck surgeries BEFORE I went to Dr. Rahbar. Yesterday I went to her surgery center. I could hardly walk or sit so I stood while I waited a short time. Dr. Rahbar explained everything while she gave me novocaine shots to numb the lower right side of my back where the pain always is. I can't have anymore surgeries. I have 5 fused vertebrae and one disc replacement along with a metal bar and numerous pins. Pictures are taken so she can get her needles of steroids into the areas around the nerves. She explains exactly what she is doing and what to expect with each shot. The whole procedure took 45 minutes. After my husband came in, Dr. Rahbar had pictures showing where the steroids went. She also uses a skeleton of the back to show us where she placed each needle. I received detailed instructions of what I needed to do that day and the next few days. Shirley, the nurse and office manager, is the sweetest person who does an outstanding job in and out of the surgery center. I can't say enough nice things about Dr. Rahbar and her staff. When I have my monthly visit to get my 3 prescriptions, Dr. Rahbar has tried a number of combinations to get what works best for me. Obviously I am one of her more difficult patients because I don't always do as she says; ie, vacuuming and gardening hence the need for steroid shots about once a year and only when I am incapacitated like yesterday. Today I am 80% better. I need to rest for a few more days to let the steroids work. Seriously, I would not be able to live a normal life without Dr. Rahbar. She and her staff are the best.


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